Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery

At Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery, your pet will receive the best possible treatment and care.
“Where they are treated like the people they are!”

Health and Wellbeing

Our team believe your pet should receive the best of care starting in the first weeks of life. We offer vaccination and deworming services, generalised and specialised consultations in several areas.

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer diagnostic imaging including x-rays and ultrasounds using the most modern equipment to enable us to provide accurate and detailed imaging for your pet.


Our vets can provide pathology services having access to our ‘in house’ pathology machines. This can help assist with any diagnoses or determine if your pet may require changes to their medication.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Veterinary Medicine is the blending of western medicine with holistic approaches to treatment. Please contact one of our team to book a consultation.

The team at Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery offer you and your best friend a team of specialised professionals to ensure the best care each time you visit us.

Meet Our Team

Dr Natalie Watters

BVSc (Hons)

Dr Natalie graduated from The University of Queensland with first class honours in 2020. She also has a degree in Biomedical Science and worked briefly in medical research before becoming a veterinarian.
Dr Nat joined the team in June 2021 and works at both our Curtis St and Jacobs Well clinics …

Dr John Ryan


Dr John began his Veterinary career in mixed dairy practice in Gippsland, country Victoria before returning to Queensland in 1980. His extensive knowledge and experience over the next 40 years as a dairy consultant Veterinarian, educator and companion animal Veterinarian in private practice has made Dr John a dedicated and exceptional Veterinarian.

Dr John  Norris

BVSc (Hons), MANZCVSc, BAgrSc, CMAVA, CDec

Dr John was born in Albury, NSW. He grew up in southern Victoria amongst the racehorse community. He graduated from La Trobe University with his Agricultural Degree, but he aspired to becoming a Veterinarian.
So he migrated north through The University of Sydney, gaining his Veterinary degree, to Sunny Queensland …

Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery has a large team of professional vets and registered veterinary nurses who are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of care to each patient.

Patients’ Stories

Bronson's Story

Back in December 2020 our boy Bronson became really unwell, he was refusing to eat (and for a Staffy that’s almost unheard of) and having lost our last Staffy to cancer (he also went off his food quickly) we though the worst. We took him to see Dr John at Jacobs Well Vets when he refused to eat or drink for 2 days …read more

Walter's Story

Walter is a highly sensitive dog. He started to flare up at around 7 months old and it was quick and severe. We went to our previous vets and were then referred to a dermatologist both of which only offered us Band-Aid solutions to cover the symptoms and not the cause …read more

Lucy's Story

We met Lucy when she was born on 6th March, 2005 and only a few hours old, we instantly fell in love. Now at 17, she is our little miracle pooch.

Lucy’s greatest love in life is food (particularly sirloin steak) …read more

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Location: Unit 3/1149 Pimpama-Jacobs Well Road, Jacobs Well QLD 4208

The team at Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery offer you and your best friend a team of specialised professionals to ensure the best care each time you visit us.