Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery

At Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery, your pet will receive the best possible treatment and care.
“Where they are treated like the people they are!”

Health and Wellbeing

Our team believe your pet should receive the best of care starting in the first weeks of life. We offer vaccination and deworming services, generalised and specialised consultations in several areas.

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer diagnostic imaging including x-rays and ultrasounds using the most modern equipment to enable us to provide accurate and detailed imaging for your pet.


Our vets can provide pathology services having access to our ‘in house’ pathology machines. This can help assist with any diagnoses or determine if your pet may require changes to their medication.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Veterinary Medicine is the blending of western medicine with holistic approaches to treatment. Please contact one of our team to book a consultation.

The team at Jacobs Well Veterinary Surgery offer you and your best friend a team of specialised professionals to ensure the best care each time you visit us.