Itching and Scratching

Itching and Scratching

Itching is a common clinical sign of many skin disorders. It is often accompanied by red, inflamed areas of skin and may lead to skin infection called Pyoderma.

What causes itching?

Skin disease is one of the most common reasons dog owners seek veterinary care.

Common causes include:

  • Fleas
  • Demodex (Mange, Mites)
  • Contact allergies caused by bedding or plants such as Wandering Jew
  • Atopy (Generalised allergy)
  • Food allergy
  • Bacterial (Staphylococcus)
  • Fungal (Ringworm & Malassezia)

How can the problem be treated?

Treatment is aimed at relieving the signs and eliminating the underlying cause. The skin is a very large organ with a very poor blood supply, therefore many skin conditions respond best to topical medication. In order to diagnose the specific cause of itching in your pet, several tests and treatments may be necessary. In some cases this process may take weeks to months. Some pets may require lifelong treatment for their condition.

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