Our Pathology Services

Blood Tests and Pre Anaesthetic Blood Tests

Our veterinarians have access to our ‘in house’ IDEXX pathology machines. We can use these tests to help assist with any diagnoses or determine if your pet requires any changes in medications.

The blood test measures red and white blood cell counts along with Kidney and Liver function. We recommend pre anaesthetic blood tests in all brachycephalic patients and geriatric patients.

If your pet requires more tests that we do not keep in house, we can send the blood off to the pathology lab which will return results in the following few days.

Progesterone Testing

Prog testing is a blood test we perform in house on our Mini-Vidas Machine. This type of test is the single most accurate method for timing breeding. As well as observing the behaviour of both the dog and bitch, ovulation can be determined with great accuracy.

We can use the figure to determine when to mate your bitch to when is best to perform a caesarian. At our clinic, we recommend testing at different times for different reasons.

We always recommend a consultation with one of our veterinarians to determine what is best for each individual bitch.

Allergy Testing

Brachycephalic breeds also have very common allergies not just to food. Common causes of allergies are food, environment, bedding. Your veterinarian may trial several medications, foods, different beddings, or other desensitising methods to determine the best method of action for your pet.

If required, your veterinarian may suggest a blood test which is sent to bloodline equipment in the USA where a diagnostic profile of your pets allergies are determined. Then desensitising injections are created specifically designed for your pet and their allergies. It is recommended if you have multiple pets to have them each tested. Please consult with one of our veterinarians to see if this test is right for you.

We use the most modern equipment and techniques to ensure your pet receives the best possible treatment and care. From a simple skin test for your scratching dog, obedience issues or ailments that may be caused by hormonal imbalances we will always discuss options with you and decide together what is best for your pet.

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